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Open daily at year-round and can accommodate large parties. A few streets north of the Rt 90 bridge and our northernmost location in Ocean City. This location is only a few blocks from Old Pro Golf Dinosaurs and Indoor Course.

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| Kid’s Menu

Open daily at 11 am, weather permitting. Please call to confirm hours.

Just a few steps from the Inlet parking lot, this location is next door to Marty’s Playland and Trimper’s Rides. Dayton’s Boardwalk Famous Fried Chicken Seafood is served in the dining room and for carry out. Picnic tables are available for carry out service. All Inlet attractions are within a couple minutes walking distance. Lunch Dinner Menu | nike air force online south africa

Open daily at 8 a.m. weather permitting. Please call to confirm hours.

The original The Dough Roller location. We are located on the OC Boardwalk, on the same street as City Hall and the Ocean Bowl skate park, and only a short 5-10 minute walk to the Ocean City Pier and Trimper’s Amusements.

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Immediately beside the Ocean City Convention Center and only 4 blocks from Seacrets. We are open daily year-round and can accommodate large parties and groups. We have9 TVs throughout the restaurantto watch your favorite sports! Rita’s Italian Ice is located beside the restaurant (Rita’s open April – September), providing cool treats and dessert.

For more than 35 years , The Dough Roller has been serving up fresh dough pizza and pancakes in Ocean City, Maryland. Our big breakfasts include over a dozen styles of buttermilk pancakes and omelets, creamed chipped beef, and French toast. For lunch and dinner, The Dough Roller features the best hand-tossed pizza and delicious Italian dinners. We use fresh quality ingredients to offer you the best dining experience. Every day we make fresh dough, slice meats and cheeses for our subs and sandwiches, make our pizza sauce, grate our premium pizza cheese and make chicken salad.

For more than 35 years

Take in the beach and salt air while enjoying the best dining experience on the beach. Whether you join us for an early breakfast (served at our 3rd, 41st, and 70th locations) featuring large, overstuffed omelets paired with the best pancakes on the beach, lunch with the best old fashioned, hand tossed pizza, or for our excellent Italian dinners, you are sure to have a wonderful time.

Dealing with some unstable code? Be it a bad connection or a system that often falls over, retrace is here to help. Simple, easy, elegant and configurable method retrying with a nice clean API.

Don't manually fudge around with exception retrying again!

Retrace supports Python 2.7 and 3.3+.

Installation from pip is simple, like so:

If you don't want to add a new dependency for such a small tool, you are in luck! Retrace is designed to be easily vendor-able! Simply head to the nike blazer mid ab tzuyu
, grab the file and include it in your project tree. Then, for example, say you add it under myproject.utils.retrace then you just need to use that import path in the examples below.

designed to be easily vendor-able!

If you choose to vendor retrace, you will need to manually version it yourself. We recommend that you pick the latest git tag to get the most recent stable version.

If you want to retry a function call on any exception you can use the decorator with no arguments. By default this will retry 5 times.

By default this will retry 5 times.

By default this will catch all subclasses of Exception, meaning it wont catch a anything that subclasses BaseException directly like KeyboardInterupt.

Retry when an IOError is raised or any subclasses of it.

If you want to delay between retries you can pass in a number which is equal to the number of seconds to delay between retrying. For example, wait a second between attempts

By default retrace will retry 5 times , if you want to change that, pass in a new limit.

5 times

Here is a neat trick - if you want to delay between each try, and have that increase with each attempt you can pass time.sleep in as your interval function! This will mean after the first attempt it will sleep for one second, then two seconds, three seconds etc.

This works because you can use og air jordan 20 retro
, they must accept one argument which is the current retry number. So with time.sleep , the code sleeps for a the number of seconds equal to the attempt number.

Sometimes you will have functions that don't error, but return bad values or you might need to call it until you get a good value. You can achieve this with validators.

The most trusted source on

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between team members and the MIT-affiliated Digital Currency Initiative was leaked to nike air jordan basketball shoes releasing date 2016 taxes
over the weekend, and it sheds light on the debate over IOTA’s security. The leak details a months-long conversational volley between David Sønstebø and Sergey Ivancheglo of IOTA and Ethan Heilman and Neha Narula of DCI, and it pulls back the curtain on the behind-the-scenes conversation between both teams surrounding air jordan shoes 23 black
in IOTA’s system.

As an organization, we have tried to stay out of the DCI controversy, and leave it to the individuals involved to lead the discussion. However, there is one public clarificaction to make: no Foundation member was involved in the email leaks in any way.

— Dominik Schiener (@DomSchiener) February 26, 2018

Back in May of 2017, the IOTA team reached out to DCI, an MIT-affiliated academic research group of Ph.D. graduate students, developers, and research scientists, to audit IOTA’s nike air max 1 amsterdam patta parra albert heijn supermarket
for any vulnerabilities. Come the 15th of July, they received a response from Ethan Heilman, alerting the team that DCI had executed a successful attack against the system:

“We have found serious cryptographic weaknesses in the cryptographic hash function Curl used by IOTA, Curl. These weaknesses threaten the security of signatures and PoW in IOTA as PoW and Signatures rely on Curl to be pseudo-random and collision resistant.”

Ivancheglo responds in good faith, thanking the team for their interest in and review of IOTA and Curl, the crypto’s hashing function. He then goes on to inquire as to how the team exploited the vulnerabilities, adding that “what [they] identified as weaknesses are [sic] features added intentionally.”

Dominik Schiener then steps in to ask whether or not the DCI team would like to take the conversation to the IOTA Slack channel. Narula refuses the invite for her “slack fatigue,” but Sønstebø presses the issue, stating, “What could be achieved in 1 hour Slack chat will take at least a month via mail.”

And he was right. The emails continue on into the first two weeks of September, an epistolary goulash of cryptographic concepts and code. Throughout the talks, Heilman expands on the logic of the attack, and the IOTA team coaches him on the ins-and-outs of Curl and the Tangle. In fact, Ivancheglo goes into an in-depth explanation on IOTA’s hashing function, even claiming that the “attack is based on a wrong assumption about IOTA signing scheme.”

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