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Avalanche gives you a choice of three naming conventions for your width class names: fraction ( 1/4 ), percentage ( 25 ) or fragment ( 1-of-4 ). No need to spend time working out how many columns are in your nested layout - if a cell needs to take up half the width of it's container, tell it to!

You tell Avalanche which widths you require and it'll create just those ones for you, keeping your compiled CSS lean and free from bloat classes you'll never use. If you need just halves, thirds and quarters then tell Avalanche to only use those. If you need all the way from one to 12 columns, Avalanche can handle that too.

When compiling your width classes, Avalanche checks for duplicate widths and bundles together matching selectors meaning that your width classes are as efficient as possible. No bloat here.

Avalanche utilises inline-block to create flexible grid layouts that aren't hindered by always being anchored to the left- or right-hand edge. Align your grids left, right, top, middle, bottom and back-to-front (yep, really!) with just a single class on the grid container.

Based on the nike roshe run premium womens
, Avalanche's breakpoints target real-world values for shifting content. No snapping from desktop to hamburger menu at 1024px.

As with its width classes, Avalanche's breakpoints are pre-defined - by you - for greater control and efficiency. If you need a new breakpoint, simply add an alias and a value to the settings and Avalanche will do the rest.

Avalanche includes a simple media query mixin for use within your stylesheets. Use the same breakpoint alias as your width classes to target specific device widths in an easy-to-understand way. No need to remember to add a pixel onto your min-width values.

Nest as many grids within each other as you like without issue. No padding nightmares or calcuating how many columns equals a quarter of a '6-of-12' column here. Right-aligned grid inside a center-aligned grid? No problem!

Avalanche includes a media query mixin that makes use of the breakpoint aliases you set. This enables better coupling between your grid and other responsive content items. Usage as follows.

All modern browsers are supported and Internet Explorer from IE9 upwards. If IE8 support is required then all that is needed is a pixel-value to be set for font-size on .grid__cell . This is due to IE8 not supporting rem units. Use of air jordan future low white womens dress shoes
is recommended which will handle this for you automatically.

Humanitarian action increasingly operates in a transitional setting providing protection and assistance in times of relative peace interspersed with bouts of conflict. Such an environment poses challenges to humanitarian actors as there exist two distinct legal regimes governing times of conflict and times of peace; regimes that present obligations not always in concert with one another. As nike free tiffany blue women

A vital component of humanitarian action is the coordination among all actors involved in the delivery of humanitarian assistance. Depending on the nature of the crisis, whether conflict or natural disaster, the number of humanitarian actors responding has increased over the past forty years. During the Biafran War in the late 1960s, a relatively small number of humanitarian actors were air jordan 12 master restocked

The donors to humanitarian crises response can be grouped into the following major categories:

The ineffectiveness of international actors in preventing and responding to the Rwandan genocide of 1994 drew attention to the need to dramatically improve the ability of humanitarian agencies to deliver on the promise of assistance and protection. The Rwandan experience led to the Joint Evaluation on the International Response to the Genocide which recommended for the international community nike roshe run all

The term “humanitarian space” has been used for over twenty years. It appears that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was the first to use it in the 1980s to describe a space for dialogue on humanitarian issues of common concern to warring parties. When initiated in this neutral humanitarian space, such dialogue could possibly spill over into substantive political nike womens air max 97 ul 1703

International criminal law (ICL) combines elements of Public International Law – predominantly international humanitarian law (IHL), with some human rights law and refugee law – with domestic criminal law to determine the scope of international crimes and the jurisdiction to prosecute. Those crimes generally encompassed by international criminal law are war crimes and crimes against humanity more...

Unlike armed conflicts, natural disasters have no legally binding set of regulations to govern the actions of those involved in aid and recovery; a lapse that has the potential to result in inefficient delivery of aid, lack of accountability amongst humanitarian actors, and overall poor response to catastrophes. Humanitarian law applies when a natural disaster strikes during the course of an air jordans white grey 45


The Brute Squad ( B MA R iders U nited in T raining for E ndurance) training program is a 19-week program designed to have you at your peak of fitness in preparation for an end-of-season goal race. The training schedule consists of three workouts per week, including a one-hour coached workoutevery Thursday where we train together as a group. This year our goal race is the Dakota Five-O (50 miles) in Spearfish, South Dakota on September 2. (Participation in the end-of-season race is encouraged, but not required.)

The program is designed specifically to build the strength and endurance required for long-distance rides. We will address all aspectsof performance necessary to execute to full potential on the day of your event (nutrition and hydration strategies, mental focus and resilience, etc.)

The men and women of the Brute Squad typically cover a wide range of age, speed, and experience. Some are seasoned racers who are looking to take on longer distance, or get faster at their favorite race. Others are completely new to endurance riding, and are looking for help preparing for their first big race, ride, or multi-day tour.

If you want to be placed on the waiting list, email: [email protected] , and you'll be placed in order of signup date. All wait listed people will be notified by email by April 19, 2018.

The cost of the 19-week training program is

The registration fee includes a Brute Squad club jersey by our local sponsor Cuore, and a Premium level womens nike air max thea premium running shoes white
account for the duration of the program. Note that the registration fee does not include race entry fees.

Brute Squad 2018 is full. If you want to be placed on the waiting list, email: nike wmns roshe run black sail speckle buy gold
, and you'll be placed in order of signup date. All wait listed people will be notified by email by April 19, 2018.

The training program has two primary goals:

Training schedule - Each athlete will receive a detailed training schedule which will feature short (one hour), higher intensity training rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and longer distance rides on Saturdays. Training is individualized based on power or heart rate data.

Coached workouts - Athletes will meet with nike roshe one flyknit premium mens underwear
for one-hour guided group workouts every Thursday evening. We organize ourselves into informal pace groups during workouts so you can ride with people who ride about the same speed that you do. The program features post-workout guest talks on bike maintenance, nutrition strategies, and mental skills for competition.

    Mailing Address: PO Box 43 West Kennebunk, ME 04094
    Open for Adoptions Visits: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm Closed Wednesdays Open for Clinic Appointments: Contact the Clinic at (207) 985-3244 x128 for hours of operation Open for Animal Admissions: Sun - Tues and Thurs - Fri: by appointment only. Call (207) 985-3244 for scheduling and information