Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a child younger than four years old that I want to try ballet. Are there exceptions to the age for class?

We want everyone to dance! But we do want all children to be ready for Ballet when they begin Ballet classes. Tiny dancers must be potty trained, and able to copy and listen to an adult other than a parent to be able to participate. Some children under the age of four may be ready for a Ballet environment and able to work well in the Newts classes. We recommend that you come and observe a class or schedule a trial class ($15) with the instructor for the best options. We have rolling admission for classes, so if it seems like your child isn't quite ready at the beginning of the year, you are encouraged to try again in a few months.

  • What is a "sprung floor"? Why is it important that the studio has one?

A sprung floor, as opposed to simply a raised floor or marley over hardwood, has a grid pattern of high density closed cell foam blocks between the dancing surface and the underlying flooring. The open space and the blocks work to absorb the shock so that the impact of a dancer landing from a jump is not redirected back into the dancer's joints. A properly installed sprung floor helps prevent chronic injuries such as stress fractures or shin splints, often contributed to by an inadequate dancing surface.

Dance physiotherapist Lisa Howell writes further on the importance of proper flooring for both professional and developing dancers: impact of flooring

  • Why am I not allowed to film and take pictures of class?

We are just as excited as you are about the progress of our dancers, but we wish to keep our teaching environment free of anything that might distract student & teacher, and we are aware media use is different in each family and some parents may be uncomfortable with someone they don't know recording their child. We also wish the content that references the studio to accurately represent the caliber of training we provide so we try to be conscientious of what we present. You may schedule Private Lessons if you wish to video for at home study and review. Occasionally we will provide opportunities to take pictures and video in class, having obtained permission from all parties first, and may share that content through the studio's outlets, where you are welcome to view and share it.

  • Can I rent the studio space?

Our studio can be rented for $25 per hour, arranged through the contact tab or by phone call. We have hosted rehearsals for independent dance companies, additional student practice, and used the space to film audition videos. Our space has a theater-sized, industry standard sprung floor, an audio system, upright piano, and drop down curtains.