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I was experiencing some shedding prior to my treatment. After my 1st treatment (7days), when I removed my head wrap and for the following 3-5 days I was shedding about 2x the amount I was previously. However, I took special notice of where I was shedding. (had been for quite a long time) Today where I was shedding, there is brand new hair growth where previously there hadn’t been. It was noticeable shedding to me. Of course we are constantly assessing and watching our hair (at least I was). Truth be told, I wasn’t going to use HFF. I was going to do restoration surgery. I am SO happy I was turned down by the Dr I went to see. “your hair follicles aren’t healthy or strong enough to get a good result from my procedure, I do not recommend the restoration for you”.

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Donald Obii

Donald Obii

Brilliant testimonial Robert, I appreciate the details of how you apply the product and your raw experience as you progressed through it. Thanks mate!

Hey Jason, and Nubianshun, Yes I did shed, A lot in fact. After speaking with the consultant it is quite normal for it to happen. The hair follicles are rest, so to speak, and the dead, clogged follicles and “old hair” need to be shed in order for the new hair to grow in the follicles. Honestly, I will be starting my 3rd treatment end of this month, March 2017. I have literally noticed my frontal area with new, easily visible hairs growing in!! Even thicker that when I first noticed it after my 1st treatment. Lastly, I grounded my expectations on what I was to expect with my results. 1- it will take time 2- persistent dedication to my healthy and well being (diet, exercise, stress release ect…) and 3- multiple applications over the course of whatever time I am willing to dedicate. I am VERY HAPPY thus far. Just simply seeing the beginnings of my regrowth has given me tremendous faith in myself and these Products. PS. I highly recommend Shaving your head, and I used a cut T-shirt to cover the paste (i used it lil thicker 2nd time around, THEN covered it with gauze to hold it in place) and using all of Dr. Sebi’s products for total health. It will increase your healing and regrowth, overall.

Centric Consulting is a business consulting and technology solutions firm that delivers balanced solutions and unmatched client experiences.

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Centric Consulting provides full-service management consulting services. We help clients tackle their toughest business challenges with innovative, balanced and measurable solutions. Partner with us for an unmatched experience.

Business processes are fundamental to every company’s strategy execution and overall performance. Effective operational performance hinges on repeatable, automated processes.Our skills include: performance improvement, business process improvement (BPI) , lean six sigma / DMAIC, and business process management (BPM). air jordan retro 11 win like 96 fakes

Centric Consulting consistently ranks as a best tech company to work for. Focused on Business Consulting , Digital , and nike roshe run flyknit wolf grey/whitevolt lunar stelos
,Centric provides pragmatic, balanced, cost effective solutions. We are passionate about the clients we serve and the results we deliver. Centric’s culture results in happy employees and highly satisfied clients. See why Glassdoor has ranked Centric as one of 9 companies as cool as Google .

The most important principle, creating intuitive and usable designs starts here. nike free 50 grey mango purple

are some great do’s and don’ts to design a good UI.

The next thing is to understand the creative process. UI/UX design is a process of specific phases that every creative person goes through.

Divided into four distinct phases — Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver — the Double Diamond is a simple visual map of the design process.

Double Diamond Discover

This is the start of the project. Designers start researching, getting inspired, and gathering ideas.


This is the definition stage, where designers define an idea extracted from the Discover phase. From this, a clear creative brief is created.


This is where solutions or concepts are created, prototyped, tested and iterated. This process of trial and error helps designers to improve and refine their ideas.


The final phase is the delivery stage, where the final project is finalised, produced and launched.

Check out my article How to streamline your UI/UX workflow with Figma .

Knowing design principles is great, but sometimes it’s not enough, you also have to train your eye to see good design and bad design and to identify strengths and weaknesses in designs.

The most effective way to train your eye for design is through inspiration .Before opening a blank canvas and staring at it for half an hour, know that the only way to be creative is through research. Sometimes the mind can’t create ideas on its own, you have to first look at other designs to start creating your own, especially when you’re a beginner.


So look at what other designers are doing on Dribbble, and whenever you come across pretty designs or something relevant to your project, save it in your notes and mention what you like about it, you can also take screenshots. This way, you will have a collection of inspirational designs for you to start from.

Here are my favorite websites for inspiration:
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