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Assistant Professor Political Science Scharbauer Hall 2012B | 817-257-4218

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Ph.D., Political Science, The Ohio State University (2011) MA, Political Science, The Ohio State University (2007) M.P.Aff. in International Affairs, LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin (2004) BA, History, Minor in Religion, Columbia University (2001)

POSC 20123 Introduction to American Politics POSC 31003 Topics in American Politics - Intelligence Bureaucracy POSC 31443 Human Trafficking in the U.S. POSC 39053 Experimental Methods in Political Science

American and Texas Government; Women Politics; American Identity Politics; American Foreign Policy on Transnational Human Trafficking (study abroad); Survey Research; Capstone in Political Science

American politics; political psychology; identity politics; public opinion; public policy; human trafficking (domestic and transnational)

Dr.Vanessa Bouché is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Texas Christian University. Herresearch is at the intersection of political psychology and public policy, with a particular focus on identity politics and human trafficking.

She has been a co-principal investigatoron several federally-funded projectsfrom the US Department of Justice and USAID totaling over $800,000. She has developed datasets of human trafficking prosecutions in the US at both the state and federal levels, and is the principal investigatorof , an open-access, searchable database of federal human trafficking cases in the US.She is working with Indian NGO, Shakti Vahini, to replicate this web application in India.Dr. Bouchéhas conducted public opinion research on human trafficking in the US, Moldova, and Albania, and has also designed and deployed trauma-informed surveys with survivors of human trafficking in the US and Honduras.

Dr. Bouché has published articles in Journal of Politics, Politics Gender, Journal of Public Policy, and Women Criminal Justice, among others. She teaches a variety of courses, including AmericanIdentity Politics, Human Trafficking in the U.S., U.S. Intelligence Bureaucracy, Transnational Human Trafficking (study abroad in India), Experimental Methods in Political Science, and Capstone in Political Science.

a function is nullipotent if not calling it at all has the same side effects as calling it once or more

Here’s a list of the most commonly used HTTP methods and whether they are idempotent and/or safe as defined by the contract:

Idempotency and safety (nullipotentcy) are guarantees that server applications make to their clients and the world. It is a contract defined by the HTTP standard that developers must adhere to when implementing RESTful APIs over HTTP. An operation doesn’t automatically become idempotent or safe just because it is invoked using the GET method, if it isn’t implemented in an idempotent manner. A poorly written server application might use GET methods to update a record in the database or to send a message to a friend (I have seen applications that do this.) This is a really, really bad design.

contract defined by the HTTP standard that developers must adhere to automatically become idempotent

Adhering to the idempotency and safety contract helps make an API fault-tolerant and robust . Clients, middleware applications and various servers that requests pass through before reaching your application, use this contract for various optimizations . Clients may automatically cancel a GET request if it is taking too long to process and repeat it because they assume it has the same effect (since GET is idempotent). However, they won’t do the same thing for POST requests because the first one may have already altered some state on the server side. This is the reason why web browsers display a warning message that you are about to re-submit a form when you hit the back button to go to a form (For this reason, always redirect after a successful POST operation.) In the same veins, cache servers don’t cache POST requests and safe methods can pre-fetched to stored in cache to enhance performance.

Adhering to the idempotency and safety contract helps make an API fault-tolerant and robust use this contract for various optimizations

In summary, when building RESTful applications using HTTP, it is important to implement HTTP methods in a manner that satisfies their idempotency and safety contract, because clients and intermediaries are free to use this contract to optimize and enhance the user experience . Don’t use GET method for operations that alter the database and don’t use POST to retrieve information ( with one exception ).

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